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FPC cuts down on operating costs while savings the envrionment by minimizing carbon emissions.

Fuel technology International Pty Ltd (FTI), is a company based in Australia with it’s head office located in Melbourne.  FTI holds exclusive rights to market and distribute Fuel Performance Catalyst (FPC), a patented product that is manufactured by Fuel Technology Pty Ltd (  The company’s distribution rights extend to; Middle-East, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.  The product, FPC is a chemical designed to assist commercial and mass-consumer fuel users in improving fuel efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering combustion engine operational and/or maintenance costs.

Fuel Technology Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of FPC International Inc. (, based in Ohio USA.  Both companies hold worldwide patents for FPC.  And have manufacturing facilities located in Australia and the USA.

In addition to distributing FPC, FTI specialises in direct exhaust emission testing, direct exhaust monitoring of diesel particulate matter and monitoring fuel quality in storage.  The company also supply fuel treatment systems with a state of the art diesel filtration system that is design to preserve diesel fuel.  The filtration system helps remove moisture (including emulsified water)—a significantly problematic factor that plagues diesel fuel kept in storage and is well-known for its detrimental effects on fuels tanks and internal engine components.

Our Expertise

Direct exhaust monitoring of diesel particulate matter

Conduct engineering standard type fuel efficiency testing

Monitoring fuel quality in storage

Regulatory direct exhaust emission testing